What are enraptured LIFE eMits?

They are Potent, UPLIFTING and LOVING Energetic eMits that I Broadcast to you and All That Is in an Awesome SharEd Energy with God through email and YouTube

They Represent, Convey and Broadcast God in Modern and TRUE Energy

They are Packed with 100% High Vibration and LOVE and UPLIFT

As an EVOLVED CHANGE MAKER I CREATE and SharE them for All, to Help All That Is Flow towards living a BEAUTIFUL LIFE and an enraptured LIFE at this Immense Time of Incredible CHANGE to Assured LOVE

They are Yours to Draw Energy, Inspiration, LOVE and LIFE from

They are Yours to Feel Connection to BEAUTIFUL from

You don’t have to think about or Analyse the words in these eMits, they will be Felt by you Consciously when you Choose and Allow and Unconsciously by you Always

Simply Enjoy Receiving them and the Immense LOVING and UPLIFT Energy within them

What are the daily eMits?

These are Sent out daily through email, they are Free and you can Subscribe here

They are not Sent at the same Time each day, rather they are SharEd as and when they Flow to me. If a day or more is missed, this is Intentional and Guided and the Energy from the Previous eMit will Continue to Flow to you and be Felt by you until the next eMit is Distributed

Why the Capital letters and Capitalised words in unexpected places and why too the sometimes unusual spellings? Because I am Leveraging the Language of Energy and again – Trust that this will be Felt and Understood by your Soul and your own Energy

What are the YouTube eMits?

These are additional Free daily video eMits Shared on YouTube and you can Subscribe here

Who am I, the Writer?

I am Sarah Morgan, an EVOLVED CHANGE MAKER and Believe Accredited Practitioner. You can learn more about me and the work that I do in addition to the enraptured LIFE eMits at www.highvibrationclub.com

You can also join my High Vibration Club Facebook Community at www.facebook.com/HighVibrationClub